Recently I came across news of a huge floating island of plastic trash the size of Manhattan. It’s followed with having to endure endless images and information of various animals suffering pain, indignity and death because of our addition to plastic combined with our inability to learn to avoid plastic and use hemp products instead. But wait just one moment, plastic is a derivative of fossil fuel, therefore there is no way we can ever escape the plastic curse since we will never escape the petrol curse. You may have heard that plastic has found its way into our food chain at molecular levels. There is no way out. ” Eat your plastic, Sonny boy.” While thinking about eating my plastic . a comment in an article I read clicked since it stated that animals and plants do not create any non biodegradable waste. Only humans do. Only humans produce garbage, floating islands that will take hundreds of thousands of years to degrade itself. Therefore, for millions of years this gorgeous planet has existed, created life, endured dead, created more life without leaving any garbage. The term ” footprint”, referring to damage left behind only applies to homo sapiens, you and me. We live and die leaving an endless voyage of destruction at our path. We soil and destroy everything we touch. Now credible scientists insist that our time of up, ten years and we are dust. Probably nuclear dust. My question is could it be that our different-than-everything-else programming is because we are the aliens. Parasitic aliens, incapable of existing without destroying and consuming our host? This sounds about right to me. Today is a big deal because it marks 02022020. Mark it as the day we finally found the aliens on Earth: us!.



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