My daily excursions into social media, at times, create disagreements about pockets of information that I bring forward. Most with facts to corroborate the events beings discussed and some with the label that states that research is needed on that particular subject. To my surprise and dismay these discussions are sometimes greeted with insults and name calling and electronic screams of “fake news”. Have people lost their ability to distinguish between facts and fiction? Truth and demagoguery? Or are these screamers the very announced Russian Bots or just stupid, uncaring Americans? I wish I knew.

My journey is to learn each step of my way. I collect information and have a privileged memory. The core of my thought process is Hegelian. Thesis plus anti-thesis equal synthesis. Synthesis cannot be reached without walking the thesis and anti-thesis walk. It just won’t happen. This process drives my social media friends and enemies nuts. Politicians know and applaud the rigid, no analysis thinking and sell their flawed bag of tricks counting on this. It saddens me to see the opportunity of real change that could help millions of people that seriously need this help wasted by rigid, non-thinking minds. We need to maintain a flexible thinking process in order to see all the elements presented before us and those also hidden from us . Informed decisions are better and wiser and responsible. Original thought is the thesis . Debate this thought with anti-thesis and reach an informed decision, also known as, synthesis . Try it works. You’ll feel liberated. Remember, the system wants to keep us all in chains. Break lose.



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Jo An Porrine · January 14, 2020 at 10:06 pm

Something to think about

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