These is an ongoing fight between my Ego (Me) and Alter-Ego aka “It”. I’m a material girl through and through. Everyone that knows me will give testimony to this truth. So this blog was started with the magazine concept of showcasing the comfort’s we find in art, jewelry, nice cars, great food. Since I am mostly a business writer and rather good at it, if allowed one boast, writing about things that I have a knowledge base of would be an easy transition from the ‘ joys of investment derivatives ” . Somehow my other me, has taken over this blog. You know, the person you talk to in your own mind. Well, “It” is not a material girl. “It” is an environmentalist, a sentimental fool that watches over the well being of every ant and bird and tree. What’s worse is that “It” can write and won’t shut up. I apologize and am in labor negotiations with her to be allowed some space for my material girl. Who said; Money can’t buy you love? People with money that want you to conform to not having any. Material girl will be blogging soon.



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