Maybe it’s time to question all the premises government and legislators plus their lobbies sell us ” as good for us/” So far they have rendered dirty air, contaminated food, filthy drinking water and unregulated industries, which are capitalizing on their own agendas, ignoring our needs as a society. All evidence points at the conclusion that they are not be trusted with our assets or our wellbeing . Children in concentration camps, private prisons, veterans committing suicide to silence their own desperation, man-made terminal diseases rampant with no affordable cures in sight, the planet burning to the ground, thousands upon thousands of species disappearing forever on a daily basis. This scenario has been created by individuals and corporations with interest that stand in conflict with ours. They use us and our money. Why, I ask, would you believe them when they say “we cannot afford” Universal Healthcare? Cheney roams this planet with someone else’s heart, paid by us. If you or your family needed anything, it would be a sad road through hell. Is Cheney’s life more valuable than yours in your own eyes? My only desire is that we all question the obvious pot of manure we are fed on a daily basis in an attempt to manipulate us even more than they already have. We must put our interests and needs first, since no one else does.



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